Close of the 2016 Bell Big 5 MTB series in Zululand

We have come to the end of another amazing Big 5 MTB Series, sponsored by Bell Equipment company once again, thank you.
Thank you to all the cyclists who participated, the Series sponsors of Mascor, Ola, Taste Joy, Everest Ice, Wetland water, Talisman, Zululand Cycles, Netcare 911 and Emprint who supported at every race, the area sponsors who supported the races in each of their respective areas, Clubs and schools who hosted the races and of course he families and spectators who supported and turned it into a family fun outing. Thank you without this support the Series would not exist.

This year saw a few of changes take place and next year there will be a few more.

ROAG are handling all entries, from pre entries through to late entries ( on the day ) and publishing results. Elite timing are managing the timing.
We gave out medals to every participant at each race, whereas before only the 10km children got medals. These were in the truly Zululand spirit of being handcrafted wire animals representing each Big 5 race.These medals were made in a local rehabilitation programme which contributed to the community directly. This also meant that we did away with the final Big 5 Medal for those that took part in all five races – you would have collected the 5 medals after finishing each race.

We changed over to the Grand Prix point method of working out positions as in a series unless each track and the conditions are identical, there is no other fair way of working out positions.
This is a Series so the original rules of having to do at least 4 of the five races still remains and it showed in the Final series results. Congratulations to those very brave ( and often mad) who participated in some very trying conditions this year.

Next year will see the change in prize giving to UCI and KZN cycling prize giving categories. This includes the 10km race which was untimed this year and we will time the U10 in this category in 2017. We will publish the category positions in January of 2017.

This series proudly sponsors 45 development cyclists and have given away over 80 bicycles. We could not have done this without the communities involvement and more so, without Bell Equipment's Development intuitive which is soundly lead by Warren Loffler. We are very proud to be part of this and more so when one see the commitment and determination of these cyclist being given the opportunity to participate in a race and watching them improve at each race. What an incentive.

Bell have committed their support to the Big 5 MTB Series again for 2017 and we are very grateful for this news given the tough economic climate.